Locate and Consume

Find services to build your apps and utilize your data.


Let others benefit from your services to build apps so you can quickly generate revenues.


Architect quick solutions integrating consumers and providers.
Benefits and Capabilities

Benefits and Capabilities

There are three primary beneficiaries of Service Craze.  Consumers can locate and begin using microservices right away, providing quick time-to-market at a lower cost than producing in-house.  Providers can quickly sell their services without the need to create a complete application to utilize them.  Integrators, such as enterprise architects, can orchestrate a holistic enterprise solution by both providing and consuming services.


Want to begin producing value from your data without the cost of building in-house analytics solutions?  Leverage pre-built solutions in the cloud.  You can locate the service and try it out.  Because it is pay as you go, you can use as much or as little as you need.

App builders can find the building blocks they need to achieve quick time-to-market.  Throw together some services with your UI, and now you have a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution you can offer your customers.


Now you can focus on your expertise, building services others can use.  Quickly deploy them in the cloud and use Service Craze to sell them.  Service Craze will help bring customers to your services.

You don’t have to worry about provisioning and billing to your customers.  Because Service Craze handles that for you, you can focus on building great services, and deploying them to meet the scalability requirements as your revenues grow.


Put your services online for either private or public consumption.  Then consume those same services.  If you list them as public, you can produce revenues from the services you consume.  Private allows you to achieve a microservices architecture without the need to scale beyond your enterprise.

Service Craze is a highly scalable cloud solution that helps you to focus on business requirements, and less on the glue.

Service Craze will provide you with reporting to help you drive decisions.  Quickly analyze trends in usage, and know where you need to put your precious resources.  Mix in some public services to quickly add new capabilities to your organization.