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Service Craze Supports Ohio Community

Service Craze Supports Ohio Community

After releasing the beta version, Service Craze (SC) partnered with Ohio Community (OC) to provide the back-end for the website. This permitted OC to be up and running quickly, focusing on the user experience and capabilities, letting SC take care of the rest.

In the beginning, SC provides OC with user registration, login, and email support, including emailing account confirmation links and links for password resets. SC also provides a user administration UI for OC.

Ongoing, SC will provide a cloud document database for SC, letting authenticated users contribute to the community. Being a document database, OC does not need to do any database administration or design.

OC can control who can do what with a dynamic role based administration UI, allowing different tiers of users.

About the Service Craze API

SC uses a highly horizontally scalable architecture to be able to handle the growth of applications, supporting the demands of small sites to large enterprise needs.

Launching your applications is easy via the online SC Admin console. Developers can incorporate it into their front-ends in hours, saving a lot of development time. SC Admin provides self-service to permit people to be up and running quickly, building their business instead of building the nuts and bolts necessary for a professional website and its applications.

SC can be plugged into via web, mobile, desktop and other clients, and is ideal for Internet of Things (IoTs).

SC uses the latest cryptography and other security technologies to help you protect your applications, users and your data.

While the SC-API is currently in invitational beta, stay tuned for updates on how you can try Service Craze.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to make it easy to locate and consume microservices to help you build apps and add value to your data, help providers offer services online and be a complete solution for architects who want to build their organization’s capabilities.